Should You Be Eating Meat?

meatYou may have seen the headlines lately that declare eating meat to be hazardous to your health. Well, what does meat consumption do to your body? Here’s a quick look at what eating meat does to your health and what you can do.

Protein Power

Meat is, quite literally, the building block of the muscles in your body. In fact, eating lean meat is important to a balanced diet. Animal protein is a complete source of protein that supplies your body with B12 and amino acids. Since your body breaks down amino acids every day, replacing them is important to your health. A typical person needs about 50 to 175 grams of protein every day, depending on your sex and physical activity level.


Iron is really important to your body because it helps to build hemoglobin which delivers oxygen to the cells all over your body. When you don’t have enough protein you become anemic and thus your body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Men require about 8 mg of iron a day while women need about 18 mg.

The Lowdown on Fat

Many people try to avoid fat in their diets, but the truth is that it’s an important part of a well-balanced diet. Now, the type of fat you consume is definitely important. While you need fat to help you absorb fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, and for hormone production, you need to limit the amount of fat you consume. Meat is high in saturated fat and having too much can increase your chances of developing heart disease. You only need about 22 grams of saturated fat per day. You can opt for lean meats like chicken that are low in saturated fat, but they also contain less protein.


The high fat and protein content in meat does have its advantages. For example, it keeps your blood sugar more stable when you include protein in your meals. This way, you won’t have spikes in your blood sugar that can lead to complications such as type 2 diabetes. Not to mention that protein helps you to feel fuller for longer and will make it less likely you’ll snack on unhealthy foods later.

The bottom line to meat consumption is that, as with most other things, it’s about balance. Too much of anything is more than likely not good for you, so watch how much you eat but don’t stop yourself from enjoying that steak every once in a while!

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