Sugary Drinks May be Making Your Preschooler Gain Weight

Toddler carrier in back carryWhat do you give your toddler to drink?  Are sugary fruit drinks an option when it comes to their drinks?  A recent U.S. study has linked overweight children to sugary drinks.

Read more to find out about what the study found and ways you can help maintain a healthy weight and diet for your toddler!

What did the study find?

The recent study found that 2-5 year olds that drank sugary drinks were 43 percent more likely to be heavier than their peers that did not drink them.

What factors can contribute to toddlers and their weight?

Other than sugar drinks, many other factors can play a role in a toddler’s weight. These factors include genes, overall diet and their daily physical activity.

What causes those toddlers that drink sugary drinks to gain weight?

One of the factors is empty calories.  When toddlers drink sugary drinks, there is no nutritional value to them. Not only are they not getting nutrients that are required for a healthy growing body, they are getting extra calories that they do not need.

Young children should be drinking water (to help hydrate) or milk (which gives growing kids vitamin D, protein and calcium).  Another benefit of milk over a sugar drink, is milk allows a toddler to fill full longer, making them less likely to want to eat more often.

What other factors come into play?

Family income, TV watching and the child’s overall diet all contribute to a child’s health.  The study unfortunately left out information regarding the child’s overall diet, which could be a deciding factor as to the increase in weight.

As a parent, what should you do to watch your toddler’s weight?

It’s important to include a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits and water in their diet. Choosing fresh fruit is a much better choice than fruit juice and the fresh fruit offers a good source of fiber for your child.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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