The Importance of the Post-Accident Chiropractic Visit


When you are in an accident of any kind, the spine can experience trauma that leads to pain and/or injury. Auto accidents are common culprits of neck pain, because the whiplash effect forces the spine out of alignment. Vehicular accidents can also cause shoulder and back pain, because of the excessive amount of tension and stress the body undergoes. Because the spine is the core of the body, its health affects the health of your entire being. The spine protects the spinal cord, and when it is improperly aligned, it can put pressure on the nerves and interfere with nerve function and flow. Seeking the help of a chiropractor after an accident is crucial, whether or not you have immediate symptoms of injury.


The key to reducing your risk of long term accident injury side effects is to visit the chiropractor promptly after the incident.  A chiropractor can stop the pain before it turns from mild to extreme.  Quickly restoring the spine to its natural state of alignment means the body can function as it should.

Process of Healing

The healing process the spine undergoes after post-accident chiropractic treatment starts when the nervous system resumes proper functioning. Aligning the spine allows the nerves to conduct and transport messages from the brain to the body and back. The brain can then orchestrate the body’s natural healers to restore itself to normal. It is a simple process that relies on direction from an informed epicenter – AKA the brain – to guide the body back to health.


Another important thing to discuss here is the fact that regular chiropractic care can help prevent auto accident injury by strengthening the body and focusing on optimum health beforehand. Consistent chiropractic care helps all the body’s systems work in tune with one another. Wellness is the goal of chiropractic, and in seeking that goal, chiropractors can help you prevent injury and pain.


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