Three Great Ways to Help Your Diet Go Green

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All of us are aware of the need for more vegetables in our diet, but there are three super green choices that stand out as the ones to give you the biggest, healthiest boost in vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. They are avocados, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Start with an avocado

You can easily slice this into your salad, whip into guacamole and serve with chips, or layer on a sandwich with turkey slices. You will be getting more potassium than you would in a banana, plus Vitamins C, B5, 6, and E.

Avocados also come with monounsaturated fatty acids that are good for your heart. They contain the same healthy acids found in olive oil that help your body fight inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer. You also get a healthy dose of fiber that can maximize your diet along and they have the nutrients that protect your eyes and reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Start looking for more ways to blend this rich, creamy vegetable into your meals now.

Then try a little spinach

Fresh spinach salad tossed with cranberries and a vinegar and oil dressing will spark lunch and help you cut calories. Whipping a little spinach into an omelette or stirring it into your noodle soup works too. Spinach has recently been shown to be one of those vegetables that helps you to feel full as you cut back on calories. It also provides Vitamin K, A, C, B2 and B6, plus magnesium , potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. If you have always been a little slow to try spinach look for a tasty recipe for a spinach and feta cheese pie. Explore recipe sites like Epicurious and enjoy a custard blend of cheeses and spinach baked in a flaky crust. Or look for a spinach, kale and artichoke Greek yogurt dip at the deli. You will be converted quickly.

Try steaming a few Brussels sprouts

Steaming is recommended to deliver the sprouts’ cholesterol lowering benefits. Researchers are also studying sprouts’ cancer protecting qualities and their DNA protection abilities. They are loaded with Vitamins K and C and full of healthy fiber. Be careful not to overcook brussels sprouts to avoid strong cooking smells. Cut them into quarters and serve them as a side dish with a honey mustard dressing and bacon bits. After you blend these three green super vegetables into your diet, you may start looking for three more to include. Trips to the farmer’s market can become a delicious habit and researchers are leaning more and more toward vegetables to keep us leaner and stronger.

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