Tips Every Gardener Must Know

gardenGardening season is in full swing! While it may be nice to have your buds blooming and the bees buzzing, gardening can also be tough on your back! Not many people think of gardening as a workout, but anyone who’s done it knows it is definitely a full body workout.

So, here are a few steps you need to take before you start working in your garden and during your work to ensure that you keep your back (and the rest of you) free from aches and pains! Your back will definitely thank you for making these minor adjustments to your gardening routine.

Stretch Before You Start

Make sure you take a few moments to get in some good stretches and loosen up. Just like with any exercise, stretching will help to prevent injuries to your joints and muscles. You can also warm up by taking a walk – get your blood flowing and your body ready to work! This only needs to take a few minutes and will definitely be worth it.

Bend at the Knees

Gardening involves a lot of lifting, so make sure that you abide by the golden rule of lifting: do not lift with your back. Instead, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Also, you need to make sure to always carry the load close to your body and avoid twisting while carrying. Wheelbarrows are always a great investment if you have a lot of stuff to move around!

Use the Right Tools

Make sure that you use the correct tool for the job you are doing and also make sure that you do things in positions that are kind to your body. For example, kneel to plant and be conscious of changing positions while you are working. Otherwise, you may find yourself hunched over those hostas for too long and unable to get up!

Take Breaks

Taking breaks can lead to fewer aches! Always make sure that you give yourself and your back a break. Not only is gardening hard work, but it is usually hot when you’re doing it – so take a break and have a glass of water to make sure you keep yourself from getting dehydrated and overheated.  As a rule of thumb you will want to take a stretch break or rest at least three times an hour.

So, there you have it! Ways to keep both your garden and your back in tip top shape for the season! 

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