Toddler Sleep Tips

ChildEveryone seems to think it’s babies who are the most trouble at bedtime.  The truth is that toddlers can be pretty darn difficult.  They often aren’t interested in giving up their fun time with you in order to go to sleep, even if they’re beyond tired and cranky. Or they’re wide awake at 4 a.m.!  So, what are some ways you can convince your sassy little toddler that bed is actually a good thing?  Try these tips!

Wakey, Wakey!

Children are notorious for being early risers, and this can be a real problem.  If your child is waking up too early, consider taking some measures to make sure they sleep longer.  Consider buying blackout curtains to block out the early morning sun (or evening sun at bedtime!). You need to create a cool, dark and quiet space for your child to sleep in.  Hopefully, this will keep them in bed longer!

Routine is Important

A child’s bedtime routine is the foundation from which all other sleep habits are built.  Making sure that they are in bed at about the same time every night is very important.  It’s hard to try not to sleep in on weekends, but just like with adults it’s not a good idea to stray too far from normal sleep patterns or there will be consequences. You and your toddler need to wake within about 30 minutes of when you’re normally would even on days when you don’t have to.

Just Say No To Sugary Snacks and Drinks

The aim is simple: do not attempt to bring out your child’s inner Tasmanian devil close to bedtime.  Not only do sugary snacks pump them up, they also make bathroom breaks frequent, and that can make falling sleep and staying asleep more difficult.  If they’re hungry or thirsty, water or a small glass of milk or a snack such as crackers and cheese or yogurt are a good call.

Limit Screen Time Close To Bedtime

When you get them into the room, you will want them to be sleepy.  Watching TV or playing on an iPad will only stimulate them and their little brains.  Watching TV in the bedroom is also a habit you don’t want to create.  Save those things for the daytime and try a book or a cuddly stuffed animal at bedtime instead.

Toddlers are a lot like adults – cranky, demanding, little adults.  But in reality, their sleep needs aren’t that different than yours.  They need good quality and consistent sleep in order to be their best.  Try these tips and see if they help tame your little beasty.

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