Trendy, Yet Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet

agaveFad diets are normally just a, well, fad. But, there are some foods that have become quite trendy that are actually really good for you! Here are a few of the foods you can include in your diet not only to be hip, but to be healthy too!


This is being used as an alternative to sugar in recipes. Agave is made from a cactus, but is it really healthier than sugar? Well, it has about as many calories as sugar but it’s sweeter than granulated sugar, so you may need to use less of it to sweeten your baked goods. It also has another benefit – it’s a low scorer on the glycemic index.

In other words, its impact on your blood sugar is much different than regular sugar. It won’t spike your blood sugar, and that’s a great benefit. Just be warned, however, agave does not seem to benefit weight loss when counting calories, so if you want to add sweetness then stick with a no-calorie alternative.

Non-Dairy Milk

Rice milk, almond milk and soy milk have made a big splash in the milk scene in the last few years. They’re a great alternative for vegans or people sensitive to dairy. They don’t necessarily have fewer calories than milk, but you can buy unsweetened versions of them for your use and they normally have less sugar than dairy milk anyway.

Almond Butter

Peanut butter is packed full of flavor, protein and calories! Other nut butters have emerged on the scene in recent years, almond butter being a big one. Almond butter has less sugar and more protein than peanut butter, but still should be eaten in moderation!


The trendiest of the grains, quinoa is whole grain packed full of fiber. It’s a very versatile ingredient and high in protein. Plus, it’s now easy to find in restaurants and grocery stores!

Chia Seeds

Not just for chia pets anymore, chia seems to be everywhere! They are whole-grain and easy to add to things like smoothies to pack an extra protein punch. Plus, it’s good for you digestive system!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a bit controversial. This is because it contains a lot of saturated fats. It turns out, however, that these saturated fats aren’t really all that bad for you. In fact, the medium chain fats found in coconut oil have been shown to raise metabolism and slow digestion, and that leads to you feeling fuller for longer. It also helps to give you immune system a boost!

So go ahead, get on board the trend train with these popular foods!

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