Why You Should Be Getting Fashion Advice from Your Chiropractor

heelsWhen you think of chiropractic care, fashion advice probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind! Hey, your chiropractor may not be in the know about the latest runway fashions in Milan, but they are always in fashion when it comes to giving you advice to keep your body healthy! Here are some tips your chiropractor wants you to keep in mind as you chose what fashions to say yes to.

High Heels

Women wear high heels as a fashion statement, but what are those heels really doing to your body? Turns out, nothing all that great! High heels change the balance of your body and that can throw the whole thing off. This results in one part of your body compensating for another part that has been thrown off balance, and so on. Wearing high heels for any amount of time increases the forward curve of your back, and can cause your pelvis to tip forward. This changes your center of gravity and can, quite literally, become a pain in the butt (or back).

Too Tight Clothing

Everyone hears the urban legends of people wearing clothes so tight that their legs fall off, and while your chiropractor isn’t going to tell you that wearing tight clothing is that bad for you, they do restrict movement. This, just like with high heels, throws your whole body off balance. If you can’t move comfortably, then this can result in poor posture and eventually misalignment of the spine.

Heavy Purses

Purses tend to become a dumping ground for just about anything you can think of, especially if you have children. The problem with this is all that weight! Carrying too much stuff in one bag can pose some serious risks to your health and well being. In fact, carrying a bag that is 10 percent of your body weight or more, can throw off your balance. This will cause you to compensate your body by hiking one shoulder higher than the other. This causes your spine to curve towards your shoulder, and can lead to discomfort and pain down the road for you.

Looking good is important to a lot of people, but it’s best to keep your health in mind when you’re thinking about keeping up with the latest fashions. Just remember that you can always find clothes that fit you comfortably but still make you a fashion plate. 

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