Why Your Morning Routine Is Hurting The World

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This article was inspired by Julia Westbrook’s piece for Rodale News. To read the original, please visit this link.

Your normal morning routine probably includes brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, putting on deodorant and…washing your face.

But what if that last one could be doing more harm than good?

The available research on microbead pollution continues to mount, and that’s not good: all the information points to the conclusion that our world is slowly dying because of it. Microbeads are those tiny, round plastics implemented in many facial scrubs, toothpastes, and various other exfoliating personal care items. The unfortunate thing is that they’re so tiny that they could slip right past standard water filtration processes– and they have. In fact, they’ve been ending up in oceans, rivers, and lakes, with some severe repercussions regarding the environment, our global aquatic systems, and our own health!

And that’s not just regarding the couple of beads in your face washes, either: the vast majority of researchers report the same distressing conclusions. Wherever they uncover microbeads, they uncover plenty of them. Researchers even discovered plastic in all the samples they took from beaches, according to Florian Faure from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Faure also first discovered microbeads in Lake Geneva. That finding appeared to be echoed by all studies regarding microbead plastic.

Government lawmakers are beginning to raise their eyebrows about this minuscule polluter, too, realizing that it creates big problems; certain states have even banned the scary beads. Until microbeads get banned everywhere, though, you should simply not purchase them to send a message to their makers. If you’d like your transition from plastic scrubs to safer items to be as smooth as possible, try Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub, which is one exfoliating cleanser that doesn’t have synthetic plastic beads. There are countless products like this one that take the condition of the environment into their own hands; rather than pretending that the facial care industry isn’t adding to environmental pollution, they acknowledge the fact and adjust their products accordingly. If you’re wanting to switch face washes from one with microbreads to one without, why not start making your own? There are countless face wash recipes online that could have you saving money and the environment. 

With your new face wash switcheroo, both you and your face can experience the safest, smoothest morning routine you’ve ever had. So throw out those microbeads and welcome more natural, more wholesome solutions to your morning face!

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