Women Need To Take Care Of Their Heart Health

Did you know that one in four women will die of heart disease? We always hear that women should check themselves for breast cancer, but women are three times more likely to develop heart disease in their lifetime than breast cancer.  Our hearts do so much for us; they supply oxygen to our brain, limbs, and organs, so why do some of us rarely think about it?    

I have to say, I’m one of those people who don’t think about my heart health all that much.  Sure, it runs in my family, but I always thought that I’d have to start worrying about it after age 40.  According to womenshealthmag.com, heart disease can start as early as your teenage years! You heart that right.


Sometimes I fret that I may be doomed to get some kind of heart disease because it’s so prevalent in my family, but according to The American Heart Association, “cardiac illness is 80 percent preventable for everyone—sketchy family history or not.”  Yes, that’s music to my ears!

We can start taking care of our hearts now, by eating lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, whole grains, exercising for at least 40 minutes a day a few times a week, and watching our cholesterol levels.  It’s also imperative that we reduce our stress.

In addition to saving our lives, taking care of our heart health can give us clearer skin, make our brains sharper, and give us more energy.  Who doesn’t want more of that?  And if you’re a woman trying to get pregnant, having better heart health can cause you better fertility, according to cardiologist and Women’s Health advisor Sharonne N. Hayes, M.D., of the Mayo Clinic.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly can help keep our bodies aligned and make sure they’re functioning well.  It can also reduce stress and tension in the body which is imperative for good heart health.


Remember to always consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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