Foods That are Forbidden No More!

pastaHave you ever noticed that foods tend to go through trends? One day they’re bad for you and the next they’re touted as the best thing you could possibly eat. Because of this, there are several foods that have been labeled “bad” in the arena of public opinion that don’t deserve that label at all.

Here are some of the foods that you may think are bad, but should actually be part of your diet.


Eggs were, not that long ago, thought to be terrible for your cholesterol, but you need to let go of that idea and embrace the egg – including the yolks. See, saturated fat is what increases your cholesterol levels and can lead to poor heart health. The problem eggs have run into is the company they keep because they’re often paired with foods that will not lead you down the road to a healthy heart, such as bacon.

The thing about eggs is they are a great source of protein, not to mention vitamins and minerals. And if you have a dose of protein in the morning it means you will feel fuller for longer. So, eat that egg and don’t forget the yolk.


That’s right – you can breathe a sigh of relief. Coffee is most definitely not bad for you. The caffeine contained in coffee helps to give you a little boost in the morning but it’s also a great source of flavonoids. Flavonoids help to protect the cells in your body from aging. Maybe coffee is that elusive fountain of youth people have been looking for!

The only caveat to coffee is that if you buy the fancy stuff it can be riddled with sugar and calories. So, pay attention to the kind of coffee drink you’re ordering and try to keep those sweet treats as a, well, treat.


The low carb craze that struck a few years ago probably turned you away from pasta, but you need to welcome it back into your life. If you’re worried about how pasta can impact your blood sugar rest assured that it actually is quite low on the glycemic index. The only thing you should be mindful of is portion control. One cup of cooked pasta is about a handful, but most of the time you probably prepare enough pasta to feed a small army.

The best thing you can do is, from time to time, look up new research on foods that you think you need to avoid. Scientists are constantly adjusting their findings, so what was true a decade ago may not be true now. So, don’t swear a food off for life because chances are you don’t need to.

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