Here’s What Happens to Your Body After You Eat a Big Mac

big macUnless you live in a remote jungle village, you know what a Big Mac is. One of America’s most popular sandwiches, literally millions are bought and eaten every year. Most people are aware that fast food isn’t good for you, but don’t stop to think about how it really impacts their health. Here’s what happens to your body in the hour after eating a Big Mac.

The First 10 Minutes

Your brain is happy. This is because it not only really likes high calorie foods but eating this sandwich releases the feel good chemicals in your brain. But, your blood sugar is peaking out and that will not only make you hungrier later, but it also may cause you to overeat. And you’ve just had a whopping 540 calories in that one sandwich!

After 20 Minutes

After eating the refined carbs in this sandwich you may be full, but you still might be craving more too. This is because of the sodium and corn syrup in the bread and how they work in your brain.

After 30 Minutes

You’re probably feeling a bit parched at this point. That’s because the sodium you just consumed is putting your kidneys through their paces as it tries to get rid of all that salt. Your heart is also working harder in order to pump blood through your body. When these two things combine it can cause high blood pressure, which can lead you down the road that leads to heart disease and strokes.

After 40 Minutes

Do you feel like you need a snack? When you consume foods that are calorie dense, like fast food, it causes your body to drop its glucose level. This causes you to feel like you want to eat again so soon after consuming a meal. Your insulin has spiked and thus, you feel hungry again!

After One Hour

Feeling like you need a nap? It’s probably all the trans-fat and grease coursing through your system. It can take up to 72 hours for your body to totally digest the food you eat, even more for food that is high in fat. It has to work hard to break down all those ingredients.

It’s safe to say that, as you can see, Big Macs are not good for you. It is far better to eat food that isn’t so highly processed. So skip the Big Macs and maybe you can skip the hypertension, obesity and heart disease that go along with it!

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