Preventing Back Pain Should Be a Lifestyle Habit

kbWhen it comes to back pain, there is not just a “one solution solves all” approach. For example, it is thought that if you embrace better ergonomics in your workplace, you can eliminate majority of the problem. Logically this seems true since most of us spend majority of our times at our desks and office space.

However, this is only part of the story. Back pain reasons vary from person to person. It is better to approach back pain solutions that fit into your healthy lifestyle rather than just at the office. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn’t just eat healthy in the mornings or at home, but you would embrace a completely new healthy lifestyle that touched every area of your life, from the exercise you do to how much sleep you got.

The same goes with back pain. Here are ways to lessen your back pain in every area of your life.

Strengthen Your Core

You may think that you need to strengthen your back, which you do, but it is also very essential to strengthen your abdominal muscles too. Think of your core as a girdle that stretches from your stomach to your lower back. When that is strong, your back does not have to work as hard and your posture is automatically improved. This leads to less back pain.

Give Kettlebells A Try

Kettlebells are a fun tool for working out. Swinging a kettlebell can help engage your posterior muscles that are often weakened by too much sitting.

Good Technique Always Wins

When it comes to working out or sleeping, it is best to find the best technique that will prevent back problems. Yes, kettlebell swinging is highly beneficial for strength training, but if you do it wrong, you could hurt your back rather than help it. It is just important to take extra time to find the proper technique for doing many exercises and everyday things to ensure you are not bringing on extra and unnecessary back pain for yourself.

Still Optimize Your Work Environment

While we said that changing up your work environment will not cure all of your back pain, it is still an important area to be addressed. Change simple things such as adjusting your computer height, having better posture while you sit, and getting a better chair for your back.

When it comes to preventing back pain, it is a healthy lifestyle change that should affect every area of your life. One healthy habit to start is going to the chiropractor regularly. A chiropractor can get to the root of your back pain problem and help fix years of damage done by poor posture or past injuries.


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