Small Changes that Make a Big Impact

changeYou’re probably sick of hearing about the small changes you can make that will make a big impact on your health. But just because you might be sick of hearing it doesn’t mean it’s not valuable information.There are some suggestions that you should be paying attention to because these small things you can work into your everyday routine will make a big difference. Here are just a few suggestions to incorporate into your day that will have an impact.


You have to go beyond the bran muffin when it comes to fiber. Adding just a little bit of fiber to your breakfast will have a big influence on the rest of your day. If you just choose a cereal that has 10 grams of fiber or more and add a bit of Greek yogurt to it then you’ve got a fiber-packed breakfast that keeps you fuller for longer and helps you cut down on snacking.

Walk More

Getting more steps into your day is actually pretty easy. Moving for just two minutes every 20 minutes can have a big impact on your metabolism and heart health. So, when you’re at work, take the stairs; set an alarm on your phone and take a short walk as often as you can. Fresh air and a bit of movement will make a significant change.

Eat More, Not Less

It used to be that people were told to eat three meals a day, but now experts think it may be more beneficial to eat several smaller meals throughout the day. It is thought this helps to keep you from snacking too much and that it’s healthier for your digestive system to digest smaller meals instead of several large ones. Try adopting that approach daily and see if it makes a difference in how you feel.

Cleaning Products

A lot of the products you use to clean your home are actually quite toxic, and there are natural alternatives that are much healthier to use for you and your family. You can even make these healthier cleaning products yourself with vinegar and water, so it’s cheaper and better for you. Make the switch!

Take Off Your Shoes

Being healthy is about more than just what you eat, it’s about your environment too. That’s why you should start to take off your shoes by the door. This way you won’t track in dirt and dust, or even hazardous chemicals that the bottom of your shoes can pick up over the course of the day.

Start by incorporating just a few of these strategies into your day and see where it takes you!

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