Staying Healthy : Exercises for Senior Citizens

agingChiropractic care is valuable throughout your entire life, including your golden years. Chiropractic care when coupled with an exercise regimen is a sure way to keep you mobile and fit, even as your body ages. Here are some safe exercises you can do to help keep you feeling young and spry!


Seems like a no-brainer, but going on a walk every day can have a lasting impact on your health. It helps to keep your blood vessels elastic, and that makes them less susceptible to aneurysms or rupture. You should start off slow by doing only about a third of a mile per day. Do that at least three days a week for one month and then double the distance, working up to a mile a day, three days a week.

It’s natural to have a little bit of soreness in your thighs and calves when you start a new activity like this for the first week or so. If it’s more than soreness, however, call your chiropractor.


Everyone should be stretching, but this is especially important as you age. It can help to prevent the shortening of ligaments, including those in your spine which can inhibit your breathing if not stretched adequately. You also need to concentrate on stretching your groin muscles. Do this by sitting on the floor and bending one leg to the side as far as you can. Or you can sit in and Indian fashion on the floor and watch TV or listen to music. The goal here is a relaxed stretch, so don’t go too far.

You can also stretch the back of your leg by putting your hands on a wall with one foot stretched out behind you, flat on the floor as you lean into the wall. You can also stand up straight and then bend over as comfortably as you can or sit with one foot extended out in front of you as bend forward.

Eating Right

You can’t forget proper nutrition in your quest for longevity! A balanced diet with enough water every day should help to keep your kidneys active and remove toxins from your body.

If you have any questions about starting a new exercise routine, talk to your chiropractor. They can help to give you guidance and help you to understand what exercises will work best for your fitness level. Remember, chiropractic adjustments are also key in your pursuit of good health!

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