5 Tips for Eating Healthy

healthyEating right doesn’t have to be hard. There are several ways in which you can make eating healthy second nature. Here are some tips and tricks to get you on the healthy eating train and keep you there!


The most important thing you need to remember about eating healthy is starting from a place you can actually maintain. You probably can’t go straight from McDonald’s every day to a vegan diet – that’s a recipe for disaster. Implementing slow changes over time and setting goals that are realistic for you are one of the keys to healthy eating success.


What really motivates you? When you decide to make a commitment to eating healthier you should create a list of specific reasons that will help you to stay the course.  Keep this list in a place you can pull it out and look at it when you need to, such as on your phone or computer.

Get the Junk Out

If you want to make a commitment to eating better you have to remove temptation. This means keeping the junk out of your house and filling it with foods that are good for you. If members of your family want to keep junk around then they need to keep it out of plain sight. Remember, if you live with others in your home it is going to have to be a group effort, not just something you should expect to do all by yourself.

The Approach

Eating well is not an all-or-nothing kind of thing. For example, if you go to a party and have a slice of cake you think that the day is ruined so you may as well go to town. This approach isn’t something you will be able to maintain over the long haul, as in the rest of your life. So, be nice to yourself and go ahead and have treats without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Or the vegetable stir-fry out with the cake.

Be Prepared

You should stash some healthy snacks in your car or bag for when you’re out and about. This way if you get really hungry you have a go-to instead of grabbing something that may not be the healthiest. Try high protein snacks such as almonds or other nuts and jerky.

Eating right doesn’t have to be a task akin to climbing Mount Everest. It is attainable and can become a habit that you eventually won’t think about, you’ll just do it. You just have to remember to set yourself up for success.

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