“Heathy” Foods to Get Out of Your Kitchen

soyYou may be under the impression that you’ve got your kitchen cabinets stocked with foods that are wholesome and good for you, but you might want to go through those cupboards again. There are many foods masquerading as health foods that are anything but. Here’s a list of some foods that you might want to banish from your kitchen for good.

Rice Cakes

These have been a staple of health foodies everywhere for decades, but they are not only high in carbohydrates, they’re high in carbs that are bad for you. This is because they are carbs processed by your body very quickly and thus cause a spike in your blood sugar. All this does is to make you hungrier later, which is exactly what you want to avoid when trying to eat smart.

Soy Milk

Soy milk might seem like a good choice if you’re avoiding dairy, but soy consumption has been linked to estrogen-like effects that some people are eager to avoid. It’s not dangerous, per say, but it does mimic estrogen in the body so why risk it? Try some almond milk instead.

Nutrition Bars

Energy bars and granola bars are really something that belongs in the realm of elite marathoners. Sure, they may taste good but they also have a lot of calories as well as carbs. It’s really not all that better than having a candy bar. These bars are packed with sugars and don’t really fill you up at all. So, unless you’re running 26.2 miles or doing some other intense athletic activity, you probably need to get these off your shelf.

Egg Substitutes

These may be made from eggs, but they are about as far from an egg as you can legally get and still call it an “egg product.” They are so processed that vitamins have to be added back into them to boost their nutritional content. The real thing is better for you, hands down.


Smoothies are touted as being a paragon of nutritious deliciousness, but you need to examine a bit closer what they really are. Store-bought options are really high in sugar; sweeteners and high-caloried dairy bases make them on par with ice cream. If you want to invite smoothies into your home, make them yourself from ingredients you choose. That means real fruit, vegetables and protein. In this way, a smoothie a day may actually be able to keep the doctor away!

Food companies want to make you think that the foods they’re offering you aren’t only delicious, but good for you. The most important thing you can do for your health is to dig a little deeper and research the foods you are bringing into your home. That’s the only way to know if you’re making the right choices or not. 

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